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Launched in October 2016, Dee Weddings is an event organizing company that strives to redefine excellence. We work in sync with our clientele, with a you-demand-we-deliver strategy. It is our firm belief that whether it be a wedding or an anniversary or a birthday, it is always an affair that is close to the heart, which is why we make it our personal mission to organize for you the event of your dreams with the help of the most creative and enthusiastic individuals in this sector. When it comes to weddings, we respect the monumentality of the occasion and make sure to execute all thoughts and ideas beautifully and in an organized fashion. Amidst all the festivities, a wedding is a pure, timeless event that celebrates two souls coming together as one. Whether it is a grand, lavish affair or an intimate, close gathering, we assure you impeccable planning and meticulous services to give you unparalleled quality and creativity.


After completion of her education in Marketing and Strategy from London, Disha knew where her calling was. From the very first event she worked for, she knew which direction she wanted to take her career in. Since it is inevitable for talent to be noticed, Disha soon began attracting more clients and grew professionally, acquiring more and more responsibility along the way. After planning her best friends wedding all by herself and being showered in compliments for the way it was executed, Disha was inspired to launch her own company, which led to the birth of Dee Weddings. Disha’s passion for creating beautiful events, combined with exceptional quality and extraordinary creativity will ensure you get nothing but the best of everything.


An event is a milestone in one's life and must be celebrated in the finest way possible.
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